GalleryBoard Packaging

cropped-gb-png.pngGalleryBoard® Packaging is seriously stylish showcase style packaging that is specifically designed for the Promotional Products industry. The line is made from 100% Recycled Content Fiberboard and FSC Certified Paper-Stock. The entire line is manufactured in our US plant (Houston, Texas) with our caring employees. The GalleryBoard® Packaging line features over 400 ready-made styles. Every item is available in 2 different stocks; colored/textured GalleryBoard stock and uncoated BareValue stock.

GalleryBoard Packaging is manufactured by The Platform Group Gallery, a dedicated ASI / PPAI / Sage supplier (78708/216134/64878) and is sold exclusively through resellers.  The line is listed in the Sage and ESP and CustomerFocus industry databases and listed in 1000’s of End User sites via those databases.